Vintage Inspired Pearl Bridal Jewelry by Sukran

Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 Spring Sumer Brides Auction

Firstly make sure please to sign up for "SukranJewelry" e-mail list to be able to join the auction on SukranKirtisJewelry Facebook page.
You will have a great chance of purchasing hot sale / new items with price ranges are specified by you on a minimum price point.
All orders must be pre-payed so that I can order your special supplies and custom stones
I am taking 10 COMMISSIONS in a month
To claim a spot, set your price range, leave a comment on the post of the item and purchase your commission slot, if you are the winner you will receive a special coupon code via direct message and then you have 1 hour to purchase the item you like to order through my Etsy shop, if I don't receive the payment I will give the chance to 2nd highest winner
I'm only offering Commissions to - my VIP members at SukranJewelry email list- so that I don't become "too overwhelmed" with orders
Here is where you start
and Stay tune to hear from me via e-mail to call you the auction

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