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Friday, February 22, 2013

Garden Weddings Inspiration

It is really not that hard to create your own style for your big day. Just leave your feelings free, imagine, searching some good ideas and adding your own taste into your big creation..
Garden weddings are the most creative one in a small or larger budget. That's all you need is the nature;
your cake, your decor even your accessories can be made with fresh beautiful flower's.
You can decorate the white canopy with all fresh flowers, lace, grape wine etc...
Here are some great ideas, I hope they will give you some inspiration to create your big day..

Source of Chairs with flowers
Source of Flower Necklace
Source of Cake
Source of the canopy
Happily even after sign
Source of hair style with fresh flowers

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Here are some inspirational vintage details for your wedding,  Gorgeous touches to spring summer weddings

Here are the links to reach these unique items
Source : lastweddings
Lemon Blossom design
Lace Headpiece
Wedding cake
Bridesmaids Hair Accessory 
You can see more inspirational items on my "Vintage Wedding Ideas" Pinterest board

Just got married on a trampoline

You just got married and you are on a trampoline with your spouse as you promised to share happiness.. 

Here are some awesome photos just to think about it

                                                    Photo Source : Belwether Thoughts

Photo Source :  Covington Travel 

                                                      Photo Source : Weddingbee

Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer Bridesmaids

Image Source
Image Source : Interactive Magazine

Here are couple of simply cute, unique bridesmaids look for summer.

Unique Wedding Photos

Tina sent me her wedding photos while she wears my hand crocheted layered pearl necklace to share on my networks.. That is the most exciting time for me when I receive the bride's photos with my jewelry design's.
I wish all the best on their new life to Tina & Miquel

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