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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lapis Lazuli is Effective Against Depression

Lapis lazuli is known as the water stone. This stone will make you dive deeply into yourself 
and balance between your body and soul.
Persons using lapis lazuli gemstone will be known by their powers of love and affection and can generally win over others through the powers of love.
Lapis is effective against depression, promotes bonding and strengthens idealism..
Lapis lazuli is good for general prosperity and happiness.
Lapis will also avoid misunderstandings between loved ones.
Lapis symbolizes inspiration and wisdom..
This stone works well on the forehead and throat chakras...

Even one of these meanings of Lapis would be a great reason to have a Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review for Pink Ivory Feather Crocheted Cuff

I just received this message from a visitor in my etsy shop for my pink ivory feather crocheted cuff design :

"You do such beautiful work. What I especially appreciate is that you are always trying new things. You surprise me with what you come up with sometimes. This addition of the pink feathers is fun and takes your work into a new direction"

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