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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Romance and Ruffles

first picture from left is Christian Louboutin
second picture on the right top is from houseinrose blogspot
third picture on the left at the bottom line is from blogbridesmaid
fourth picture on the right at the bottom line is from

Where would romance be without ruffles?
My view is that ruffles are an essential part of romance in textiles. I see ruffles as sensual innocence. Ruffles leave sexuality as a mystery. It doesn't matter where the ruffles are they speak of understated excitement. Even in nature we find ruffles such as the rose. Roses come in many colors but the ruffle of the pedals give it a certain meaning..
I chose these items for my collection to show how diverse and sensual ruffles can be.
If you have different vision, I would love you to share with me....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cyber Monday Sale on Handmade Lace Jewelry

Till Monday midnight (11/29) my store will be giving a %15 discount on all my handmade lace design. Coupon code is Saleonlace....We wish you a happy holiday:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Four Leaf Clover Japanese Real Silver Thread Bracelet and Family Crest

I've just finished this four leaf clover bracelet. Inspired by timeless treasures, I've crocheted many silver clovers using Japanese real silver thread with an abondenes of faceted grade AA rhodolite garnet and grade AAA fresh water pearls..
If you didn't know the four leaf clover has an interesting meaning. One leaf is for FAITH..The second for HOPE...The third for LOVE...And the fourth for LUCK.....Four leaf clovers are very rare to find that's why I've made them for you....
And I'll try to list in my Etsy shop in couple days...

While I was looking thru some old photos, I came accrossed this photo that shows my grandmother and her sibling and her mom and dad. I am fortunate to know that my families history goes back 500 years in Istanbul/ Turkey...We have our crest is in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul...

I hope you will have good luck all week
Sukran Kirtis

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