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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I just took some beautiful pictures of my Istanbul earrings

I just posted to my Etsy shop of my new Istanbul earrings. I love them alot. It looks so innocent and inviting to complete pure beauty. I think I want to create so many more different color combinations to give differnt feeling and looks...Hopefully one of them will be of your liking.
Also pretty soon I am coming with the different design of a new bracelet
Talk to you soon

Monday, August 23, 2010

Autumn is not knocking our door!!!

I love the colors such as yellow, brown, reddish in any color even gold or bronze all over around you. You just want to run on it or give a big hug and flow over your head to feel the changing on the earth. You can't see anything but richness of colors..
But this beauty doesn't knock our door in Sunshine state Florida...I miss it so badly especially if you are like me, you grew up with four seasons. Sometimes you really want to get cold till nose or toes or get wet to run back home....
I think I figured out my problem when I feel depress about it I just want to go to the Central park in NYC or back home to my city Istanbul/Turkiye(Turkey)
And I would like to hear your autumn stories or experienceses to give me some more imagination to think about it...
Enjoy with your season wherever you want to be , whatever you want to feel
With Love

Pearl elegance with HandCrafted Lace Design

I am finally done with this pearl necklace with my meticiously handcrafted lace design. The result amazed me. So elegant and gorgeous look with freshwater pearls.

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