Vintage Inspired Pearl Bridal Jewelry by Sukran

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Elegant Gypsy Romance Crocheted Gold Earrings - $72.00

April May blooms,

Gypsy weddings in harmony of colors,

Beautiful young girls with their suntan

Dancing around the fire

40 days 40 nights

Laughing,screaming and just all about the feelings

I crocheted a story with

2% real gold coated japanese kimono embroidery thread

japanese seed beads

Silk satin ribbon

14kt gold filled wire


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Silver Bridal Ivory Crochet Lace Earrings - little,sweet,puffy Sultana Raiza Unique, OOAK - $34.90

I crocheted these delicate earrings with silver coated japanese embroidery thread by hand.

I combined ivory colored silk ribbon with ivory colored czech vintage seed beads as snowflake design.

I finished with sterling silver earring posts there are studied with light topaz colored cabachon.

The earrings measures 1 inch in diameter (2.5 cm)

puff to 0.5 inch (1.1 cm)


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Crocheted Gold Beaded Heart Charm Bracelet-Web Stone Bracelet-Black and White Classy-Vintage Rhinestone- - $82.00

Heart Charm Bracelet-Crochet Beaded Bracelet-Artist Hearts-Web Bracelet

Delicate elegance was created with %2 24kt gold coated Japanese embroidery thread.

Beautiful black, white and gold color combination

with vintage Czech Ivory pearl seed beads

14 kt gold filled link style chain and lobster clasp

Swarovski element vintage rhinestone is in the center of this elegant piece

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Silver Crochet Pearl Lace AAA Romantic Designer Earrings Kornellia Pink Green Silver Bridal Chandelier Crystal Royal Blush

Silver Crochet Pearl Lace Floral Romantic Designer Earrings Kornellia Pink Green Silver Chandelier Crystal Jewelry

Kornellia is made of *******

Pure silver coated japanese embroidery thread

Antique gold japanese seed beads

Grade A pink/lilac freshwater pearls

Swarovski element 2 mm crystals

Grade AAA diamond cur tear drop briolette

Argentium sterling silver wi...

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Purple Gold Crochet Lace Earrings-Dangling Burgundy Purple Vintage Wine Red Tulle-Sahsar

Purple Wine Red Gold Hand Crocheted Lace Earrings with Tulle****

I crocheted these earrings with 2% coated japanese kimono embroidery thread with diamond cut silver vintage seed beads as a flower shaped..I added eggplant purple color tulle as a fairy tale skirt below the flower motif with my copyrighted crocheted bead cup...

I finished the earrings with a ball shaped 24k gold plated earring pos...

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Channel Spring Summer 2012 Full Fashion Show

I love the mix of white, smoky grey, black and silver color combination especially silver sandal's and boot's are gorgeous..Light pink, mint with tulle ruffles are just dreamy in the amazing decoration

Handmade Crochet Lace Pendant Berden with Gold Filled Chain-Olive Green-Ivory-Dangling Crystal Jewelry-Carnation- - $49.90

My handmade crochet lace this olive green colored pendant is embellished with freshwater pearls and shimmery luster snow white beads on the motif. A beautiful carnation shaped design completed with the same white shimmery luster beads and pearl.

Suspended from the bottom are couple of beige and olive green colored Swarovski crystals with oval diamond cut transparent rock crystals....


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carnation Hand crocheted Silver Lace Brooch Pink Quartz and Freshwater pearls-Vintage Rhinestone

Silver Lace Brooch with freshwater pearls and vintage rhine stone

If you give me a fresh carnation

Pink dancing petals with white touches

I'll add my happiness

with a shimmering rhinestone

white freshwater pearls and rose quartz

to draw my dream

Honey suckle pink and silver vintage seed beads will run

all over on the edges of carnation skirt


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hand Tatted Silver Crochet Lace Wedding Brooch Nurbanu-Made To Order - $78.00

Romantic hand tatted brooch with hand crocheted silver textile lace medallion..

With this piece I hand tatted a design that was handed down for centuries from my Anatolian ancestors. It is tatted with a very fine six ply IVORY colored imported tatting thread.. I centered the tatted work with a medallion that is crocheted with Japanese kimono embroidery pure SILVER coated thread...

The m...

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Bohemian Romantic Gold Crochet Lace Large Oval Shape Earrings with Pink and Orange-Peridot-Racorella- - $84.00

Bohemian Romantic Handmade Textile Gold Lace these earrings are meticulously laced with japanese embroidery very fine gold thread...

Embellished with lavender pink vintage seed beads, lustering white pipette seed beads,4 mm.olive green colored Swarovski element crystals,4 mm round shaped orange jade..In the center of the motif is a 6 mm.Swarovski element champagne colored crystal. Off center of the mo...

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