Vintage Inspired Pearl Bridal Jewelry by Sukran

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bridal Jewelry for Every Wedding Style

Bridal Jewelry for Every Wedding Style

Pearl, rhinestone statement wedding bridal necklaces in chunky style with dramatic vintage glamour & bridal party, bridesmaids gift jewelry for everyday occasions by Sukran Kirtis on Etsy

Custom orders welcome for brides, bridesmaids

I create all my jewelry with a great passion of designing with timeless beauty "Pearls"
I've worked for 15 years in textile sector as an accessories designer for the large export textile companies in Turkiye (Turkey) which is my home country. Later starting my own textile boutique in Turkey and continuing when I arrived to the US. I started to show my designs at many art shows in Florida and than it was suggested to me by many customers that I display my unique designs on Etsy.

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sanam arzoo said...

Hi: love your fairy jewellery I'd love a tutorial on Elven Star I actually have been wanting a tutorial thereon vogue ever since I actually have seen jewelry I will create the wire half simply do not know a way to do the remainder lol.

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