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Saturday, September 10, 2011

History of Beauty

The rise of the throne of Quenn Victoria in 1837 marked the decline of the use of cosmetics. The reason why The victorian era was a dominated by a strict model and religious values, modesty and sexual restraint.. A light color complexion was a sign of nobility in the Victorian era. If woman was not spending hours working outside then they were considered of to be a higher class.That's why it was during this time that women started using Zinc Oxide, a white mineral powder, which was safer but still achieved the same effect in lightning the skin. However, in line with the decrease of the use of cosmetics, ladies would also preserve their skin pale by avoiding the sun and fresh air, using parasols when outdoors to protect their skin from the sun rays and even by drinking vinegar. A white and translucent complexion was so desired that some women would even paint some very fine blue lines on their skin to make it look more translucent, as the veins underneath were showing.

Makeup may not have been very used, but DIY skincare recipes made at home with ingredients found in the kitchen were still very popular. Creams were made using mostly natural ingredients. Tonics were mixtures of water and scents of roses, lilies or violets, while creams were made with waxes, almond oil and scents.

My source of this information was from Beautiful with brains. I also remember from my school years how valuable was for women to have very light skin even centuries in the past before Victorian era..Contrary to do this old fashion statement it is now desirable and showing people of money who have dark tanned skin..Time changes cultural views I guess so...
I have a recent experience at Posh (The Grand Spa) with a certified esthetician Rita Claudia Schrager and her great job with my facial skin care...I strongly suggest to visit her if you are in Tampa to learn so much about taking care of your skin...
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