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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Children needs food in Africa

Empathy is valued currency. It is great to create bonds of trust, to share the feeling or thinking. And even it may be so right to say it is being human. When we are in our shoes trying to understand others situation is happiness and success for some people. Happy and successful people comes together to create big families or large successful companies. Career starts to raise happy children who knows happiness is growing together without giving any damage to others or holding hands to walk together for peace on our earth. Large brand name companies spread their words, names through their company personalities to create honest and trustworthy expressions on public to show all these effort is to do something for people.
Now, Africa is hungary...Children dies...
Almost a $3.00 is enough for one person's daily food and $110.00 is enough to help a family with 5 members for their monthly food expenses.
Turkish Red Crescent Society started to collect money for Africa in Turkey (Turkiye) This is our world to save for our children where ever we are. This is personal happiness and success to do something for others.
We all need to remember this drama is in Africa today but we don't know where is gonna be tomorrow?

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