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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mixed Media Jewelry with metal smithing and hand lace designs

I am getting ready for art shows in Winter 2011 and 2012..I plan to publish my list of art show's on the side bar of my blog spot and facebook by date.

I always love to create jewelry with metal such as copper,silver and brass and now I started to combine my metal smithing with my hand crocheted lace jewelry..I absolutely loved the result, they are so unique..
I use japanese embroidery silver and gold thread which are very unique, bright textile materials. Japanese embroidery thread makes a perfect combination with metal, especially after cleaned the metal in tumbler or makes a perfect combination of contrast shade after putting patina on metal.. I love it either way....

It is also so easy to take care of my mixed media jewelry..Just clean the metal with the metal cleaner rug by covering lace jewelry...

I have two pictures for now to share with you and I'll try to publish more soon..........
I wish you a great week you all

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