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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Saturday at the Florida State Fair:)

This morning suddenly we made a decision to go the Florida State Fair after breakfast at Panera Bread....
Somehow I never had a chance before to see the fairground that's why I was kind of excited...It was so crowded that made me more excited as a big city girl:)

I liked the Cracker Country exhibit that close to the entrance..I really felt I am in the farm...Even smell was different food,barn and my expectations of what I want to see.....

Later we went to the food and fairground side at the back...My 20 month old son Omer Kaan rode a pony with my husband's little help to stay on him...He loved it and then we visited the petting zoo which has goats, lama, giraffe, lambs ooohhh my goodness what a great fun it was..

We enjoyed very much to feel kind of out of city life but still with city food and its own luxury:)

Here are some pictures of today....

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