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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sultana Berra Handmade Old world Lace Design Necklace

I am bringing in the new year with my limited edition old world lace design necklace with Ottoman and Georgian Era influences...

I've been incorporating Ottoman Embroidery colors which they used to make caftan (clothing belonging to the palace) for Sultan's and Sultana's in the history..
They used mostly bold bright colors which is gold, Turkish red, violet, China blue, saffron yellow with very meticulous handwork. I like to apply the fusion of cultures which is Japanese and Ottoman style to my designs.

My copyrighted lace design Sultana Berra is laced with Ottoman embroidery gold colored silk thread with abundance of Swarovski crystals in champagne,green and red colors...Gold color vintage seed beads in every movement of my very fine crochet hook....

Please you can check the other details on my Etsy shop.


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