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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Take a deep breath....

There are lots of amazing stores on Etsy.
First picture is from peacockgypsy on Etsy. Pair Candelabra Mantle Lamps Porcelain Flowers Boudoir Vanity Powder Room.
Second photo is Royal furniture bedroom from Antique furniture blog.
Third photo is from Architecture and furniture designs magazine.This is the antique bathroom in contemporary life style.
Fourth photo is of a Victorian lace pillows from Lace'n'ribbon roses blogspot and last photo is Breathtaking Jeweled Sea Whispers Chandelier from sheriscrystals shop on Etsy.
"Everything with lace" amazingly beautiful,soft even with lots of color combination,elegant, delicately gorgeous.Just to have and watch with all your feelings for rest of your life. I tried to give you some pretty views to have feeling about it.
Sweet dreams

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